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Privacy Policy

Find out about the website's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.


This Privacy Policy forms an integral part of the Website Terms and Conditions, which you can access by clicking here. Collection and storage of any information in our databases is subject to your consent and complies with applicable law. The legal entity responsible for the collection and storage of your data is the anonymous company named APPE DEVELOPMENTS.


Each visitor can browse the Website without providing any personal information. Personal data such as name, e-mail, contact phone number, etc. will only be needed if the visitor wishes to contact the company, receive a service offer or subscribe to the e-mail receiving list.

The company has the ability and reserves the right to store the IP address of the visitor. If necessary, to contact his Internet Service Provider (ISP) in the event of a violation of the Terms of Use of the Website.


Personal Data includes data or information that identifies an individual. Such is their name, e-mail address or other data that can reasonably be linked to a person’s identity. This data may be used to uniquely identify a user among others for the purpose of displaying targeted content.


Data not necessarily linked to the identity of a natural person may also be collected. That can include IP addresses, browsers, operating system, cookies, advertising IDs, device type, etc. Our contact form requires the provision of a minimum amount of personal data as described in section 3.


3.1.Subscribing to the e-mail recipient list

To inform him about news and announcements regarding the services provided by the company. The visitor has the option to opt-in to the email mailing list. Registration requires the entry of the visitors email and the name.



3.2. Use of the contact form

So as to facilitate the visitor’s communication with the company, it is possible to fill in the form to receive an offer (chatbot). In this, it is necessary to fill in the name, surname and email, in order to be able to respond on behalf of the company.


3.3. Linking to third-party websites

Through the Website, the visitor may have access to other third-party websites such as social networking websites.  Such, are Facebook and Instagram. In any case where they make use of this service, an exchange of information takes place. The information they share will be governed by their respective privacy policies.

The visitor is invited to modify the privacy settings of his account on these websites directly. APPE DEVELOPMENTS does not control the privacy policies of said third parties. We also assume no responsibility or liability for the actions of said third parties.


The Website may use cookies in order to improve the user’s experience while browsing it and also to improve its services. Cookies are small text files that are sent to a user’s computer when they visit a website.


Cookies are stored on the visitor’s hard drive but do not take notice of any document or file from their computer. They are used to facilitate the visitor’s access, for statistical purposes. They are meant to determine the areas in which said services are useful or popular or for marketing purposes.


The visitors of the Website can set their browser  in such a way as to prohibit the reception of all cookies. However, the visitor should be aware that some website features may not function properly without cookies.


The company reserves the right to change or modify the Privacy Policy at any time, without notice to visitors. Such changes, modifications, additions or deletions to the Privacy Policy will be effective immediately from their posting hereby. Each use of the Website following such change  shall be deemed to constitute acceptance of the changes by the visitor.

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